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123Movies is the best website for watching movies and tv series online. Their database is including thousands of movies and tv series in HD quality and all of them are available without registration because nobody wants to lose time creating an account.

123Movies became one of the biggest websites in the online streaming industry because it offered a massive collection of movies and their website was very simple to use due to a very organized and intuitive design. The first 123Movies, or the original one, prospered until 2017 when has been shutted down forever. Fortunately, a lot of similar sites were created very fast after that so everybody still could enjoy free entertainment.

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Sites Like 123Movies – Similar Sites

Even if the names of these websites are very similar and it might be confusing for some users, they are different sites with their own styles, colors and features. Yet they have one thing in common: streaming movies online free – this is what each of them are trying to offer.

  • 123movieshub.network

  • 123Movieshub has a very similar design with other sites in this niche. Their interface is beautiful and very good organized so you can easily find the content you want. Their database contains thousands of movies and tv shows in HD quality. All of them can be watched for free and without registration.

  • 123movies.movie

  • 123Movies was created in 2017 and it has a massive collection of movies and tv series. Watching movies on this website is very easy and every production is available for you with just a few clicks. This website is using pops and ads but you can get rid of them by using AdBlock.

  • 0123movies.link

  • 0123Movies is an old brand and maybe some of you are remembering this website. It is still online and is offering lots of free movies and tv shows in high quality because everyone deserves free entertainment. 0123movies has a big database and may become your favorite streaming website if you give it a chance.

123Movies Alternative Sites in 2020

Maybe you are familiar only with 123Movies, but there are more brands on the internet and some of them may be even better. So you can take a look at these 3 more sites because both of them are very good alternatives for 123Movies.

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  1. FMovies.Run

  2. FMovies is the best place where you can watch all your favorite movies and series online for free in HD quality without registration. FMovies is a free streaming website which became very popular a few years ago, even if the site has been created around ten years ago and it’s very old.

    FMovies is currently hosting a huge collection of movies and series and also are publishing the latest released episodes everday and visitors around the globe can watch all this content for free without creating an account.

    FMovies started many years ago as a completely free website and that’s how it will remain until the end because we really think everyone have the right to watch movies and series for free on the streaming sites as long as they pay for an internet subscription every month. There are millions of fans worldwide who choosed FMovies as their main source of entertainment online and are coming back here everday to watch the latest films.

    Currently, the database of FMovies contains around 10.000 movies and 50.000 episodes which is impressive. All the movies and series benefit of English subtitles, HD quality and can be watched for free. Please don’t forget to bookmark FMovies and share it on your social media accounts!

  3. GoMovies

  4. GoMovies was a very big website a few years ago but now it is not that popular anymore because other similar sites started to grow up and maybe offered better quality. Even if GoMovies is not so popular these days, it still has good content for their loial users.

    There are thousands of movies and tv series available in HD quality for free on GoMovies. All of them can be watched with just a few clicks and there is no registration needed in order to use this site.

  5. ProjectFreeTv

  6. ProjectFreeTv might be the oldest one from our list and we hope that users are still remembering this veteran. Compared to other sites, ProjectFreeTv doesn’t publish movies but only lots of tv series in HD quality only.

    In the present ProjectFreeTv is not using that old fashioned design anymore, instead it has a very modern interface which is very simple to use because all the content is well organized using filters and categories like genres, years, country and more.

    Even if this website looks pretty new and modern, it still has an old and useful feature named calendar. This function helps users to find newest episodes based on the release date.

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